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The amalgam of feelings that shape my being today is concretized by the events that were the factors around which the experience of 2020 gravitated. Personal experience knows distant borders and that is precisely why I managed to approach the management of crisis situations, from a business.

I can say that I defended the doctorate in the context of decisions, there are fractions of the result that I will see only in the following year. Sometimes there was the possibility of being in the middle, between deciding to only manage ongoing projects or expanding my vision to other contexts where I could develop an idea and raise it to the status of a project that fructifies my resources.

Those who know me are aware of my desire to evolve on all levels and to work on other projects as well. Getting stuck in an idea/project that isn’t followed through doesn’t define me. Of course, I participated in many contexts favorable to discussions with entrepreneurs, managers from various areas of activity, being very attentive to the details and the barrier situations between the contemporary in which they were located as an activity and the results they were expecting.

Thus, cooperation and teamwork were the leitmotifs of the optimal solution for deciphering these situations, together focusing on business development on all levels.

The human resource is the core in the development of a business, an essential element around which the other resources gravitate, and this I have outlined over the years through the speeches I give and through which this concept is mirrored. And with all these considerations, opinions were divided, some chose to collaborate with me, some decided otherwise.

Proving that I am right did not define me, but the context of 2020 was what put the full stop on I, as it was demonstrated to us, once again, that a precarious human resource, poor in the values ​​of the company’s mission and in the perception of its vision, lacking of the essence of motivation, insufficiently prepared and poorly selected constitutes a weak link that over time will damage the overall image.

But these milestones were understood by some entrepreneurs. It is not enough that the rhythm of the displayed values ​​and mission is felt only by one side, it must be capitalized by both “plates”, thus shaping the balance that will balance any situation that arises and will minimize the effort to find an optimal solution.

The year 2020 gave us many circumstances and demonstrated to us that being an entrepreneur is not defined in the absolute vision of all areas of activity in a business, but the fact that a company is also built with the help of experts, the need to outsource activities being a real one.

A realistic map and a guide on board your company are two essential factors in the fruition of a business.

Concluding these aspects printed in the speech, through which I captured a fragment of the emotion experienced with you, in the year whose temples are covered with snow and waiting, like us, for new horizons, as an entrepreneur, think about the following aspects:

What stage of development are you in right now? What resources and how do you manage them? How do you streamline your costs? Who takes responsibility for decisions? Who enjoys the reward? What services do you outsource?

If you will be honest and put the answers to these questions on your agenda, you are on the long, challenging road of 2021. It would give me great pleasure to get to know each other, to share experiences, to form a team, a team of partners.

With consideration, 


Happy New Year! #2021


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