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Project ANCORA – Counseling and Career Guidance of high school students and students in Romania

“The Career Counseling and Guidance activity is regulated at the legislative level, but this does not represent the guarantor of the functionality and efficiency of career counseling and guidance services in Romanian universities, if you do not have a team of dedicated, experienced specialists to ensure these services.   At the high school level, this […]
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What I learned and what 2022 reconfirmed for me:

God is my Father who gives me: love, forgiveness, health, protection, wisdom and unconditional joy; My wife and daughters are the most precious gift God gave me; My parents were loving, helpful, respectful, forgiving, nurturing and demanding; Extended family (in-laws, sisters, brothers, brothers-in-law, nephews, cousins, etc.) is unconditional love and help; The friendship offered by […]
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Christmas Joy

Christmas brings a sliver of hope, joy and faith to everyone’s souls. ❤ We celebrate the Nativity with more joy by giving and helping those in need. 🕯🎄🤝🏻 Join the AffordHire Association, the Old Village Association and the Community Support Foundation – FSC in the campaign to help needy families to bring them a touch […]
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The long road, the challenge and the year 2020…

The amalgam of feelings that shape my being today is concretized by the events that were the factors around which the experience of 2020 gravitated. Personal experience knows distant borders and that is precisely why I managed to approach the management of crisis situations, from a business. I can say that I defended the doctorate […]
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