Audit & HR Services

Human resources management is a laborious activity that requires time and knowledge in the field of labor law. The employees’ files must be in perfect order and in compliance with the legislation in force and affordHire comes to your aid with the following services: – Audit of existing personnel files; – Preparation of personnel files […]
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Recruitment is a laborious process that requires time and resources. In many companies, recruitment is not done by specialized personnel and for this reason it faces staff turnover or staff that does not rise to the company’s standards. affordHire comes to your aid through the following recruitment services: – Establishing the recruitment criteria based on […]
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Training is part of the process of integrating, improving and increasing employee efficiency. AffordHire comes to your aid with the following training modules: – Leadership vs. management; – Negotiation / intermediation; – Organizational communication and understanding of procedures and workflows; – Sales management; – The factors that govern emotional intelligence and their role in communication […]
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Coaching is a partnership with clients in a creative process of challenging awareness that inspires them to reach their highest personal and professional potential (ICF definition).
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Business consulting

affordHire comes to your support through these consulting services for your company’s growth: – Efficiency and strategy analysis; – Marketing and market services, public relations; – Marketing analysis and sales analysis; – Strategic marketing; – Modernization of distribution; – Operational marketing; – Consultancy for the development of foreign trade relations.
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Business Brokerage / Negociation

You don’t have to do them all alone. We can come to your aid through our brokerage services: – We negotiate on your behalf contracts and business partnerships; – We prepare the negotiation team; – We lead the negotiations; – We obtain the established result;
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Project Management Consulting

Every project needs a thorough preparation for its good development. affordHire comes to your aid in both the planning and deployment phase. Project planning and preparation:– Project structure;– Calculation of projects;– Organizing projects;– Training for Projects;– Project risk assessment;– Formation of the project team;– Conflict analysis of the project. Project implementation:– Demand management;– Task management;– […]
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