About us

affordHire was designed based on the experience of the company’s founder of over 20 years in business and human resource management. The quality of business relationships is guaranteed both by this vast experience and by two fundamental elements that we analyze in achieving long-term partnerships: consulting and attitude. We want a WIN-WIN approach in everything we do and not just a supplier-customer relationship.

The affordHire brand starts from a wordplay: affordable, effort (less), hire and wants to express the ease of implementing a top partnership through which companies can benefit from our services. This conceptual basis involves us taking over the extra effort that companies must make in order to thrive.


Having a great idea is not enough, because the idea is valid only when it is realized with a positive result. We guide you in all steps.


It is important to guide the company's growth by ensuring its profitability.


Recruiting new members as well as managing existing resources is an activity that you can leave in our care.

We are here to support you through our experience

HR & Recruitment
Training & Coaching

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