What I learned and what 2022 reconfirmed for me:

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  • What I learned and what 2022 reconfirmed for me:
  • God is my Father who gives me: love, forgiveness, health, protection, wisdom and unconditional joy;
  • My wife and daughters are the most precious gift God gave me;
  • My parents were loving, helpful, respectful, forgiving, nurturing and demanding;
  • Extended family (in-laws, sisters, brothers, brothers-in-law, nephews, cousins, etc.) is unconditional love and help;
  • The friendship offered by the people around me is real, tangible and beneficial;
  • My professional projects are balm for the mind and soul;
  • Working with people of different ages fulfills and consumes me;
  • My voluntary involvement in supporting those who are in need is my spiritual food and a powerful weapon to not grumble and be content;
  • People can be generous only if they have learned the lesson of humility and love for God and His creation;

What did you learn in 2022?

May the year 2023 fulfill all your wishes!

With gratitude, some thoughts for you that I captured in this podcast!

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